Motorola MC-Edge Intelligent Gateway

Your Gateway to Mission Critical IoT

Motorola MC-Edge Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

MC-Edge is an intelligent gateway designed for IoT applications. MC-Edge’s extensive security, ultra-reliable communication capabilities and reliability of transport across two-way radio, LTE, and analog radio modes make it easy for you to implement, support and grow your IoT systems to fully support all your mission-critical operations.

As the hub for seamless IoT connections, MC-Edge gateway is P25, LTE and LoRa ready, capable of handling inputs from hundreds of low-power wireless sensors up to 10 km. And with extensive security and ultra-reliable communication capabilities, MC-Edge makes it easy to implement, support and grow your IoT systems to fully support all your operations.

Built for versatility, MC-Edge has you covered today, and prepared for tomorrow.

Capture Comprehensive Health & Safety Awareness for your Critical Environment

The Sense & Protect ecosystem ingrates our proprietary software, where users can utilize a dashboard which provides an overall snapshot of system health. This software provides the ability to view summarized and historical data for all integrated sensing technology. Additionally, there are various visual representation capabilities, including charts and graphs, which are easily exported or downloaded.

Within the Sense & Protect software, users can fine-tune and customize thresholds and preferences seamlessly from your web interface. With the ability to set parameters that go beyond the typical, incorporating elements like strobe lights, sirens, buzzers, and more, you can ensure that the alerts resonate effectively with unique environmental preferences.

It’s about more than just being alerted; it’s about being alerted in a way that enhances your overall experience and responsiveness, safeguarding what matters most.

Upgrade to Smart Sensing.

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