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Protect what matters most to you.

Modernize legacy systems, and safeguard people, assets, systems, and profits.

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Mitigate Risk. Minimize Loss. Prevent Emergencies.

Experience unmatched protection with our ecosystem of wired and wireless sensing technology. Prioritize safety and minimize losses, safeguarding what matters most to you.

Lone Worker & Isolated Workspaces

Immediate Response & Dispatch to Emergencies



Protect Crops & Livestock


Unoccupied Buildings

Monitor Environmental & Premise Security



Modernize Legacy Systems


Telco & Critical Communications

Detect Safety Hazards & Prevent Downtime


Tank & Pipe Monitoring

Monitor Tanks, Pipes, Cisterns & Wells.


Our Approach



Every customer has its own set of challenges, priorities and what matters the most to them. Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach may not be suitable, it is crucial to invest the necessary time to take the time to understand their exact needs. This results in the implementation of a purposed-driven solution while using proven sensing technologies and innovative approaches to safeguard people, places and things.



Once the core purpose and goals have been established, we quickly get to work on assembling a solution that encompasses the necessary hardware, software, and peripherals. This process vary in both speed and level of detail, depending on the size and scope of the given project.



The last step in the process is the implementation stage. Often implemented solutions will utilize legacy components, which are now integrated in a more modernized approach. This enables new capabilities and enhances response to risk mitigation.

We do things differently

Sense & Protect is in a different class. We are not your typical alarm, IoT device, PLC or data logger offering basic fault handling at times when you need it most.

We encompass:

  • Wired & Wireless Sensing Technology
  • Camera AI and image recognition
  • Predictive Analysis & Edge Computing
  • Connectivity over LAN, LTE, PLTE, 2-way Radio or Satcom
  • Cloud or Private Network Implementation
  • Micro & Macro solution designs
  • Off grid & Remote deployments
  • iOS, Android & PC Access

Above all, we are a solution, and we are committed to safeguarding what matters most to you.

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Technology & Innovation

Sense & Protect leverages components like the Motorola MC Edge Remote Terminal Unit paired with our proprietary technology to ensure protecting your mission critical application is compact, scalable, reliable and trusted.

Motorola MC Edge


Enterprise Grade, Industry
Leading Technologies

Motorola Partner

Motorola Partner

Reliability Contractor Status
Government of Canada

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