Hardware Solutions

Advanced Safety Sensors & Alarms



Industrial-rated wired or wireless sensors can be incorporated into a local, campus or city-wide deployment. Camera AI can be utilized at the edge, for advanced image recognition or thermal recording, offering a new level of threat detection.

Integrate our solution with…

  • 4-20 mA sensors
  • Digital input or output devices
  • LoRaWAN devices or sensors
  • Two-Way Radio Emergency Dispatch
  • Thermal Cameras
  • Supported Networked Devices

Sensing Hardware - Alarms


Leverage multiple ways to notify stakeholders of critical events.

  • 12-24 V Accessory Devices or Hardware
  • Networked Audio Alarms
  • SMS, Two-Way Radio Text, Email, Voice
  • Push Notifications
  • Webhooks

Sensing Hardware - All Climates

All Climates, All Conditions

Our solution has been designed to ensure the utmost safety for Sense & Protect systems.

Our indoor and outdoor options can be tailored for environmental and climate conditions, providing robust protection for your vital equipment, safeguarding it against harsh environmental conditions and potential security threats.

Engineered with precision and constructed using hardened equipment withstanding temperatures up to -40 degrees, making Sense & Protect the ideal solution for securing sensitive components in mission and business critical safety applications.

Reinforcing compliance requirements, Sense & Protect enclosures adhere to industry standards, offering IP67 rating or higher upon request. Our outdoor environmental cabinets are built to withstand extreme outdoor exposure, shielding your equipment from the elements while maintaining optimal functionality.

With a commitment to quality and safety, our design ensures the longevity and reliability of your Sense & Protect solution.

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