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Sense & Protect provides access to a comprehensive range of digital notifications, ensuring that you stay informed through various channels such as SMS, voice calls, emails, and mobile app alerts. Sense & Protect offers integration capabilities with Android, iOS, and the Motorola ION, enabling you to leverage existing infrastructure and security policies.

The system goes beyond mere notification by empowering you to activate local visual and audible alarms. Customize your alert preferences, utilizing features like strobe lights, sirens, buzzers, and more, catering to diverse sensory needs.

Whether you’re dealing with urgent matters that require immediate attention or simply want to stay informed in real-time, this enhanced alert system ensures that you have the flexibility and customization options to tailor your experience according to your specific needs.

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The Sense & Protect ecosystem ingrates our proprietary software, where users can utilize a dashboard which provides an overall snapshot of system health. This software provides the ability to view summarized and historical data for all integrated sensing technology. Additionally, there are various visual representation capabilities, including charts and graphs, which are easily exported or downloaded.

Within the Sense & Protect software, users can fine-tune and customize thresholds and preferences seamlessly from your web interface. With the ability to set parameters that go beyond the typical, incorporating elements like strobe lights, sirens, buzzers, and more, you can ensure that the alerts resonate effectively with unique environmental preferences.

It’s about more than just being alerted; it’s about being alerted in a way that enhances your overall experience and responsiveness, safeguarding what matters most.

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