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Sense & Protect is a groundbreaking mission critical safety solution.

It’s designed to mitigate emergencies by employing diverse sensing technologies and modernizing traditional asset safeguarding methods. Utilizing sensors and advanced sensing technology, it communicates seamlessly over LTE, fixed wireless, LoRaWAN, and two-way radio.

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Explore our state-of-the-art hardware solutions, featuring advanced sensing technology and devices designed to enhance safety and security across various environments.

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Delve into our software offerings, which include intuitive mobile and web applications for real-time monitoring, alerts, and system management, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced situational awareness.

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professional services

Professional Services

Discover our comprehensive professional services, from custom system design and integration to training and ongoing support, tailored to meet your specific safety and operational needs.

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How It Works

Discover how Sense & Protect’s unique system enhances your safety infrastructure, blending modern technology with traditional systems for optimal security.

Our system seamlessly incorporates one or more Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) into your setup, whether you’re expanding wireless sensor reach via a LoRa network, or monitoring wired applications across multiple locations. This innovative approach ensures unparalleled adaptability, featuring components like Motorola Solutions’ MC-EdgeTM Remote Terminal Unit, coupled with our proprietary technology.

The integration effortlessly communicates with Sense & Protect servers in the cloud or, for enhanced privacy, a local server within your network. Operating at the edge allows you to utilize low-bandwidth networks, such as two-way radio data channels for heartbeat and exception transmissions. For those with high-capacity networks, advanced features like real-time images or videos during system failures become possible.

Critical information access and system health monitoring are made easy through our user-friendly mobile app or web application. The edge-centric design ensures functionality even in the absence of the entire network or servers. In such scenarios, local arms can be activated independently, whether it’s a light, buzzer, or display screen signaling an error. Due to its optimized efficiency and design, it can also operate solely on a narrowband, low capacity, two-way radio network, reaching further than traditional options for IoT.

Sense & Protect distinguishes itself by seamlessly amalgamating the strengths of legacy systems with cutting-edge technology. There’s no need to compromise between the past and the future; we’ve unified them into one comprehensive solution, establishing a new standard in connectivity and security.

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