Case Study: Unoccupied Buildings

Ensuring Telecommunication Tower Safety

Defining the Problem

Telecommunication towers are often unoccupied.

All telecommunication towers have a requirement to have a flashing light on the top need to ensure they are working everyday by law – yet no one is checking to ensure that light is functioning correctly.

Assessing the tower’s overall condition in real-time is essential for various reasons. Conducting periodic checks on the tower’s health proves inefficient yet acquiring on-site insights into factors like weather for climbing conditions, internal temperature fluctuations at the tower base, or potential intruders is immensely valuable for organizations. The lack of real-time data can result in delayed responses, inefficient resource allocation, heightened vulnerability and costly problems.

Why it’s a Challenge

Health monitoring is seldom implemented in towers, and when it is, it often amounts to mere notification without the ability to take further action. Problems may be reported, but there is often a lack of corrective measures or proactive mitigation to prevent issues from escalating into emergencies. This lack of intervention can result in significant costs for infrastructure and resources and poses potential dangers for technicians and riggers.

Telecom Tower

The Sense & Protect Solution

With Sense & Protect, you can also have something on premise like a buzzer or a message board displaying the error, allowing the next person onsite to be aware of the issue. Private networks and 2-way radio networks can also be used to accomplish this.

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